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Creating your best health and taking care of your body is key when raising your vibration and living in the recent higher earth energies. To be able to maintain your higher vibration and to be able to connect with the higher energies and dimensions, treat your body as well as you can - feed it with spirituality food. Your body truly is a spiritual temple. You are a divine being - you are a goddess/god - give your body the best and highest quality food, water, and air. All three of which are spirituality food - feeding your body/being. Fresh, whole, local organic foods that are prepared with Love, whether raw or cooked with preferably local alive spring water are best to feed your body and being with their energy. Find your own ultimate spirituality food for your best ever health and higher vibration.

Eating for my best health has been my passion since 1984. Since then I've studied, practiced and created my lifestyle of various “healthy diet” paradigms - vegetarian, macrobiotics, veganism, living-raw food diet-lifestyle, whole foods, juice feasting/fasting, low glycemic eating and everything in between.

Until the past 2-3 years, I strictly followed other's paradigms at different times - evolving along - experiencing and testing in my body what others had to offer in each author's respective books on healthy eating. I was searching for what would work best in my body. As I followed these paradigms with a dogmatic approach, I learned a lot, but at times my body would get off-balance. For example, I tried a mainly fruitarian-with-some-greens-and-fats raw food diet for a few months - fruit sugar overload for my system! Then, I would try the next approach - always searching for what might work best for me to be the healthiest I could possibly be.

A couple of years ago, as my vibrational frequency increased and my conscious awareness expanded, I realized that I was following other's paradigms and dogmas - I hadn't been aware of this before. I have since been on a quest to look within myself to truly feel inside my body - to determine what foods my body requires by listening to my inner self and my body. I am still in process of this journey, and I hope to share more about my methods soon...

I continue to evolve and play with the idea of going inside myself to determine what my body truly requires to be healthy. I continue to be open to the best foods ever to feed my body on all levels of being. The question has arisen inside of me, “What is the definition of food?” What actually is “food”? I no longer believe what we've been led to believe about what food is by the media, the scientists, or even the nutritionists.

For our Definition of Food including foods to avoid for your best health and spiritual journey click here. I'd love to know your definition of food as well!

I believe that there are two main reasons for my rapid spiritual evolution during the past few years - for being on the spiritual fast track - for my ever faster ability to hold and maintain new energies and frequencies. One reason is Svaroopa® yoga and all of the relative practices including meditation. The other is my personal quest for the best health ever with my primary focus being on the food that I put into my body. Initially, I didn't know that eating a raw-living food diet would expand my consciousness awareness and increase my vibration until 2007 when I went to the Tree of Life in Patagonia, AZ. It was there during a Spiritual Green Juice Fast and afterwards that I put two-and-two together, read many books on the spiritual affects of raw-living food diet, joined David Wolfe's The Best Day Ever, started watching Nick Good - Success Ultra Now, and immersed myself into the raw food online community. I became aware that raw-living food is perhaps the ultimate spirituality food. I went to Raw Spirit Fest in Sedona, AZ in 2008 - being with all the wonderful people there - confirming that indeed, living a raw food lifestyle cleans your physical-spriritual bodies, opens up your third eye and more, and awakens you to Spirit/Consciousness/Goddess-God. The combination of Svaroopa® yoga with a well-balanced low-glycemic (for many people) living food diet is the fast track to consciousness awareness. It is the ultimate way to awaken Kundalini, raise your vibration, and expand your awareness - the path to ascension.

However, the living-raw food diet is a detoxification diet. I became ungrounded and off-balance eating this way for the long term. It is perhaps best (for most people) to treat the raw-living food diet as a detoxification/healing diet. Raw-living food is a wonderful way to open up to and connect to Source/Spirit. But, perhaps over time, listen to your body, feel what your body requires, be willing and open to change and especially check in with your Self. Ask yourself - am I still following this diet/lifestyle due to dogma or my ego?

For more about raw-living food diet/lifestyle click here.

For more about the best foods that detox the body click here.

The healthiest that I can ever recall feeling/being is when I ate/eat a low glycemic diet. A diet that is naturally low in sugar, including fruit sugar. I have played with two different protocols that I find to be good methods for clearing your bloodstream of fungi and yeasts, including candida. The cleaner your body is, the better you feel, and the easier it is to connect with Spirit (for most of us). Two books I highly recommend: “Rainbow Green Live-food Cuisine” by Gabriel Cousens and “The Body Ecology Diet” by Donna Gates.

For more about low glycemic eating and foods click here.

As I started listening more to my body, I realized that I was craving butter. After following so many “health” paradigms for so many years, I had not eaten butter or hardly any other animal fats (we've been told to stay away from fats by the nutritionists for years) in over 25 years. After a consultation with Daniel Vitalis in February 2009, I learned about The Weston A. Price Foundation. Dr. Weston Price studied indigenous cultures in the early 20th century (when there were still traditional cultures to be found that were not yet modernized), and he found that the healthy indigenous people ate whole foods, and there were no vegan communities. “Dr. Price's research demonstrated that humans achieve perfect physical form and perfect health generation after generation only when they consume nutrient-dense whole foods and the vital fat-soluable activators found exclusively in animal fats.” - The Weston A. Price Foundation. So, I started eating butter, fish, and whole grains again. I have been pondering about indigenous cultures, such as the Native American tribes - they were/are a very spiritual people. What is their Spirituality food?

For more about Indigenous Foods and Diets and my journey click here.

Spirituality Food Tips and Techniques for Raising your Vibration:

  • High Vibrational Foods - ultimate Spirituality Foods - specific foods for raising your vibration

  • Organic gardening - growing your own food - co-creating with Gaia

  • Wild edible plants - wild food foraging!

  • Spring water from the Source - find a local spring!

  • Himalayan Salt, Celtic Sea Salt, or other mineralized salts

  • Herbal Tea Recipes - our recipes using seeds, leaves, roots, mushrooms, and cacao!

  • Green Smoothie recipes - our low-glycemic recipes

  • Juice fasting and feasting - Tips and recipes for low glycemic detox

  • Healthy spirituality food list - general starting list for the non-extremist

All food, especially raw food, has a high percentage of water. Our bodies are approximately 70% water. Masaru Emoto from Japan has done extensive research about how words as vibrations change the structure of the water crystals. We highly recommend his book, “The Hidden Messages in Water”. Saying positive words such as “love” or “gratitude” create beautiful crystal structures in the microscopic photos of water. Saying words with a lower frequency such as “hate” or “stupid” create disharmonic structures in the water. Be careful of your words and thoughts - since our body is 70% water, words can change the structure of us on a cellular level as well! Give your food and water beautiful structures and higher vibration before consuming!

Before eating your meal, to raise the vibration of the food and to give thanks to Spirit/Universe, hold your hands palm down over your food and send love and gratitude to the food, the cook, and the farmer or animal that provided the food. Say, “Love and Gratitude” (or whatever feels good to you) to the Spirituality food. Eat the highest quality and organic local food that you can find to raise your spiritual vibration. Bless the food before eating to give it an even higher vibration - amazing spirituality food! Food that gives you a vibrant body, being, and life!

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