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Raise your Vibration

What is the meaning of raise your vibration?

You are made of energy. We are all Energy Beings. When you raise your vibration, you can actually feel this energy - you can actually feel your vibrational energy level rise. Your frequency vibrates on a higher level. As your energy body vibration increases, your state of being becomes enlightened and enlivened. You actually feel lighter and full of energy.

When you raise your vibration you may feel a shift in your feelings, thoughts, and/or physical body. You tangibly notice a difference before and after. For example - how do you feel before and after you meditate? How do you feel before and after you eat high vibrational food? Notice and be aware of the changes -they may be subtle, but they will be there. As you raise your vibration, your awareness of these changes becomes more apparent over time.


To further clarify or explain, we've included the following excerpts:

You are a vibration manifested in physical form. While walking in your daily life you vibrate a melody and radiate colors... ...When you experience love your colors intensify and harmonize with the pulse of the universe... ...When you experience the feeling of love, those molecules and atoms become neutral and your experience becomes one of lightness...

From Ashuah, Dror B. (2010) And So Be It - Conversations with Angels. Rhinebeck, NY: Epigraph. pages 86-87

See www.andsobeit.com for the entire transcript.

Waves of pulsating energies are the lifeblood of the cosmos, and even though you appear to be solid in form, you are actually made of vibrating energies that ripple in and out of your body as dancing waves of light... ...What frequency are you broadcasting? Do you send signals with clear intent or are your moods and feelings of disempowerment coloring your broadcast? Remember, a very important and crucial purpose of these accelerated times is to clean up the frequency of fear... ...Your signature frequency is unique to you. As you awaken and raise your standard of awareness, you automatically contribute your newfound frequency of personal responsibility to the vibrational web that affects the mass consciousness...

From Marciniak, Barbara (2004) Path of Empowerment - Pleiadian Wisdom for a World in Chaos. Novato, CA: New World Library, pages 70, 86-87.


Go inside yourself to feel what Raise your Vibration means for you.

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