The Time is Now

The time is now to Raise your Vibration.

Message from Isis

Transmitted on April 10, 2010.

Channeled by Dawn

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As the earth continues to shift on her axis and the grids change and fluctuate, the human beings have the opportunity now to raise their lights - to be a beacon of light for others who are starting the ascension process as you call it. The more that people are aware of raising their light, then the more that other people will become aware of their abilities to do so. Love, peace, joy, wonder, awe, amazement, knowingness, the ability to create your lives consciously, all and anything you want is at your fingertips. What do you want? How do you want to live?

The time is now since now is the only time there is. Why wait? Be all that you can be. Be who you are. Be who you are meant to be in this lifetime. Do it now. There is no other time but now. All of this is in accordance with each individual's divine plan. When the time is right for you to be a part of the process of being a light bearer, you will know. If you are reading this, then you are ready now. What are you waiting for? Raise your vibration, light your path, be all you can be, find the knowingness from within your Self. You are love itself. Love yourself in your fullest capacity. The key to raising your vibration is to love yourself - be in love with yourself like you have loved no other. This is a magical time - there has never been another time like it in the history of this world. The people in Atlantis and Sumeria had this light and love, but they abused their own power. Humanity has another chance - the chance is now to regain and to know who you really are - a Divine Creator with your own unique special abilities. Do not waste this opportunity. Act now to be at your best in every moment.

The Universe is changing rapidly. Time is spinning faster and faster. Raise your vibration to be able to handle the show. To be able to handle the events that will come with ease. Change is inevitable. Change with the world, the Universe, and the Earth.

Live your own special way in this world. Do what you love to do. Find your path. Love yourself. Be. You are the Ones that We have been waiting for. You were sent here - you chose to be here now. Step up and act. Step up and love. Step up and be. Every moment counts. Every thought, word and deed is significant - each has its own energy form flying out into the ether and connecting in the grid.

Love is the most powerful energy of all. Do all that you do with love. Be love. That is all. - I am ISIS

Isis and Osiris I send love and gratitude to Isis for the message.

The time is now to raise your vibration!

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