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How to Love Yourself

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Self love... One of the best ways to raise your vibration is to love yourself. Deeply and completely love yourself as best you can in every moment. Be in love with yourself to your core.

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However most of us grew up not loving ourselves. We still have these old emotional-mental patterns of not loving ourselves within us. When we spiritually awaken, we continuously begin the process of learning to love ourselves. Embrace the process!

How to Love Yourself

  • Release old emotional-mental patterns to uncover the real you. Once your authentic self comes breaking through on the other side of releasing emotions, it becomes easier and easier to love yourself with each release.

  • Listen to your heart. Do what you truly love to do.

  • Put yourself first. Create boundaries so that you aren't giving too much of your time, your energy, and yourself away to other's needs.

  • Open your body. Opening your body with Svaroopa® yoga opens your mind, your heart, and your energy channels.

  • Express your feelings. Most of us have been conditioned to suppress our feelings from early childhood.

  • Be present with yourself and with others.

  • Extreme self care. Take time daily to truly take care of yourself and your environment. Make you your number one priority.

  • Eat for loving yourself. Do we ever eat to love ourselves? Break those emotional-mental eating patterns.

  • Open your heart. Center in your heart and live with forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love for yourself and for others.

  • Be spontaneous. Once in a while, follow your heart and live spontaneously. Break those patterns and that routine.

  • Do the best you can in every moment. Realize that you might run into challenges that test your resolve.

The more you raise your vibration and release old patterns, the easier it becomes to love yourself.

Be easy on yourself. Love yourself where you are at. Love yourself how you are. You are a divine being with a unique life path. If you make a mistake and you are hard on yourself over the situation, this is a good indicator of how much you actually love yourself. Accept your mistakes and learn from them without judging yourself. Honor yourself and your path.

Learning to love your self is an on-going process with many layers of old patterns to release. Celebrate along the way as you smile more and find joy in more moments in your life.

My biggest life lesson and challenge has been self love.

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