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I love my life. I live in gratitude and awe for everyone, everything, and every experience in my life. For most of my adult life, I have been and continue to be deeply passionate about my physical health, being a life-long learner, and going on adventures. For the past decade, I have immersed myself in nutrition and yoga, spiritual understanding, and traveling. Adventuring to various special places on this earth, meditating to the inner realms of existance, and shamanic journeying to the spirit worlds. I love to raise my vibration to expand my awareness of consciousness in all of her forms.

Like all of us, I've had challenges in my life and lessons to learn from. I live in gratitude for those lessons and for the souls who helped me to evolve, change, and awaken in this amazing time. I have such deep gratitude for consciousness awareness, and to my teachers.

I had a challenging childhood with a severely alcoholic father. I have spent most of my life with constant anxiety in my solar plexis and suppressing my feelings.

After spending over 20 years as a mechanical engineer and a high school math teacher, in 2008 I quit my job to move to Cape Cod to teach Svaroopa® yoga. I have been avidly practicing Svaroopa®: yoga and meditating since 2002. I have also been studying and implementing various nutritional protocols and strategies into my life since 1984. Mostly studying and living various vegetarian lifestyles such as macrobiotics, veganism, and raw-living food diet. I have solo-backpacked Europe and Ireland for many weeks at a time.

I have been working on my self - clearing old physical-emotional-mental patterns subconsciously since 2002 when I concurrently started practicing Svaroopa® yoga, meditating, and eating a predominantly raw-living food diet. My Kundalini also awakened at this time. The anxiety that I had my entire life disappeared.

In 2007 I had a major spiritual awakening during a week-long meditation retreat. I have been on the spiritual fast-track ever since!

I had been studying and immersing myself in yoga - practicing poses daily, going to weekend and weeklong retreats with the founder of Svaroopa yoga - Swami Nirmalananda, studying yoga texts, meditating, chanting, and practicing japa. Yoga was the open gate to my spiritual world.

When I moved to Cape Cod in 2008, within months a spiritual community opened up for me and I learned so much about different aspects of spirituality. I had recently had profound Kundalini experiences while meditating on my own, so I instantly accepted and had a knowing of truth when people I met talked of seeing angels, being with fairies, and meditating with ascended masters, for example.

I now play with the angelic realms and the ascended masters. I open my Akashic records for my own connection with my spirit guides. I closely work with the goddess energies in energy work, meditation, and channeling.

Without knowing what it was called, I have been immersing myself in practices to raise my vibration for years. I have learned and implemented so many practices that I decided it was time to share what I know.

Although I feel that your own life experience and your inner self and heart is your best teacher, you might be interested in my degrees and certifications: AS Mechanical Engineering, BS Mathematics Education, MALS Humanities, 500 hour certified Svaroopa® yoga teacher, Embodyment® therapist, 3rd degree Reiki practitioner, and I am presently in the midst of a 3 year Program in Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing.

The most fun and the best parts of my life have been when I am on an inside or outside journey living in high vibration. Backpacking throughout Europe, traveling to India, hiking the red rock vortexes in Sedona, meditating with goddesses, and being with my Twin Flame - John. I have done a lot of work on myself consciously in the past couple of years as my stuff comes up to be released.

I love to share my continuing adventures of raising my vibration, expanding my awareness, opening my heart, and expressing my feelings.

Much love, namaste, and many blessings to you!

About how Twin Flames Dawn and John met - a story of magic and synchronicities!

I met John in my yoga class in Sandwich fall 2008. He told me about this art gallery called The Angel Room in Mashpee, the next town over from Sandwich. Since I felt that this was a sign not to be ignored, I went to The Angel Room the next day. I met Nicki, the owner, and she told me about a Past Life Regression session that Sunday night at The Angel Room. Although I had not heard of Past Life Regression before, I went to that, and had a vision of a past life where I was a male shaman native American whose tribe had been wiped out. I couldn't wait to see John the next week in yoga class - I knew that I could tell him about this. When I did, he told me that he was a shaman. I then asked him to explain to me what a shaman is exactly. He told me about shamanism and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. I went on-line, and saw that the Way of the Shaman beginning Core Shamanism course was soon to be offered nearby. I went to that - loved it all - the drumming, the journeying, the finding your spirit guides, the getting back to nature. By now I was seeing John twice per week - once in yoga class, and once at the weekly meditation group at The Angel Room. John was coming in half hour early to yoga class, too! I hadn't been open to even dating a man in nine years - I was loving living life as an independent woman. So, I surprised myself when I asked John to go chaga mushroom hunting with me. He said yes - we had a wonderful day walking in the birch tree forest in Provincetown. On the way, we stopped at Head of the Meadow beach in Truro. It was there in the parking lot (this was December - it was cold!) that John said he was a Leo. I asked when his birthday was - he said July 25th. That is my birthday! I asked the year - 1962. That is my year! We have the same birth day and year! I never talked with anyone about everything the way I could talk with John. I knew this was something special. Thank you, elusive chaga! (We didn't find any that day, but we found each other.)

How we know we are Twin Flames is coming soon on another page!

About John

About John coming soon!

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