Spiritual Practices and Tips for
Raising your Vibration

We'd like to share the spiritual practices that we use on a regular basis to live in a vibration of love, joy and peace. This is by no means a complete list since there are an infinite number of spiritual practices. We hope to hear about your spriitual practices as well so that we can all learn from each other!

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Whenever you feel good about yourself and your life, you are in a higher vibrational state. The more you feel happy, joyful, loving, ecstatic, blissful - the more you will be living in a high vibration, and the more moments you will have of feeling wonderful and in a state of love for yourself and others. You will easily attract more good things and people into your life. Like attracts like - as you raise your vibration you will attract others of the same vibration!

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If you ever need a quick pick-me-up, or if you want to start practicing more and more moments of living feeling heart-centered and filled with the vibration of love (the highest vibration of all), then add any of the following practices into your day whenever you can.

Quick and easy spiritual practices for raising your vibration:

  • Cleansing yourself with sage, sweet grass, cedar, or liquid sage

  • Sitting in silence for a few minutes or meditating

  • Laughing

  • Being in nature

  • Cleansing your environment with sage, sweet grass, cedar or incense

  • Walking barefoot - at the beach, in your yard, in the woods, anywhere! Connect with the energy of the earth!

  • Being aware of your breath - sit or lie down and focus on your breath and breathing for a few moments - notice how deep or wide your breath goes

  • Being grateful - write down a list of people, things and circircumstances that you are grateful for. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude!

  • Looking into your friend/lover/partner's eyes - so magical, so deep - connect with each other's soul and your inner self - wow! - try it!

  • Listening to uplifting music - Our favorites for raising our vibration: “Holy Harmony” by Jonathan Goldman, “SOMA” by Tom Kenyon, “Gift of the Angels” by Steven Halpern, “All is Forgiven” by Ashana, and “Wings” by 2002.

  • Exercising - go for a walk, do some yoga...

  • Drinking spring water from a spring - hydrate your cells with living water

  • Eating or drinking something nutritious and delicious - a piece of organic ripe fruit, a green smoothie, a cacao herbal magical drink, a highly mineralized superfood concoction

  • Reading an uplifting book - these books listed actually raise your vibration as you turn the pages - my favorites: “The Ringing Cedar Series” by Vladimir Megre, and “Conversations with Angels“ by Dror Ashuah. John's favorites: “The Celestine Prophesy” by James Redfield, and “Love without Conditions:Reflections of the Christ Mind” by Paul Ferrini.

  • Smiling at a stranger and silently sending them blessings.

  • Sending love, gratitude and compassion to someone who is “pushing your buttons”

  • Decluttering a small area of your home - this lightens your space and lightens your heart and mind.

  • Buying or picking some flowers and putting them in your home - look at them, talk with them, smell them. As the vibration in your home increases, they will last longer!

  • Eating some raw chocolate - made with cacao - highly vibrational, delicious, and fun!

  • Looking at and being with photos/paintings or murtis of enlightened beings or ascended masters

  • Singing or chanting - sing your soul song, play your favorite cd and sing along, or chant a mantra - instant uplift!

  • Find what YOU love to do, create your own list, and place it around your home as a reminder. Have fun. Play!


As we do our spiritual practices we feel more in the flow of life and more connected to Source and everything around us. Our life has a more magical quality when we add more practices in on a daily basis. When we are dealing with old emotions that come up to be released, or dealing with something that we used to react to when we were in “victim consciousness”, we now more easily accept the situation without reaction. For example, when something went wrong, we used to ask - why me? Perhaps we got involved in the drama of it all. As we add in more spiritual practices on a daily basis, we flow in the magic of life, without reaction, without upset, but with Grace and with facing the situation. A few weeks ago, I almost ran a red light - I was in an area that I didn't know, and I was confused about where I was going. A man drove up beside my car and yelled at me. In the past, this would have sent me to tears - crying and having such a pit of anxiety in my stomach - it would have shaken me up and ruined my day. Instead, I apologized to the man and kept on going, without upset, without anxiety, and realizing how much I've changed since I live in a higher vibration - in an expanded state of awareness of myself, others, and the universe. I am so grateful for awareness!

Our favorite spiritual practices:

  • We have two rituals that we perform that came from within ourselves. One is for cleansing/protection and the other is for grounding and connecting with Spirit/Source

  • We love to start our day quietly. Eating breakfast together with occasional soft uplifting music, sitting silently or just saying a few words. Getting up early enough to have time to start the day slowly, without rushing. Starting our day with easy intent and easy movement. (I learned this simple practice from John - I was always pushing time - rushing in the morning. What a difference this makes in your day and in your life!)

  • Clearing ourselves and our home often with sage, sweet grass, cedar or incense

  • Practicing Svarooopa® yoga

  • Practicing Ujjayi Pranayama

  • Daily Meditation in silence or meditating with the intent to connect and merge with our spirit guides.

  • Chanting - my favorite chants for going deep within to the Self before meditation: “Beyond Blessings: Ganesha”, “Vibration of Consciousness: Shivo'ham”, and “Bliss of Consciousness: Ananda” all by Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati

  • Calling in our guides, the light of Christ Consciousness and/or our angels to protect us when giving energy work or when going in a place of lower vibration

  • Walking meditation - I started playing with this and putting this into practice two years ago after reading a book by Thich Nhat Hanh. Amazing way to connect with nature and Source while walking.

  • Getting back to nature - we love spending time walking on the beach, walking in the woods - connecting with the nature spirits and the elements. Divining with nature.

  • Shamanic Journeying - we journey to non-ordinary reality and connect with our power animals and/or spirit teachers for spiritual guidance and healing.

  • Opening my Akashic Records - I open the vibrational record of my soul journey and receive guidance from my guides and spiritual teachers.

Creating a sacred space for some of your spiritual practices is highly recommended. We have a room that we use for yoga, meditation, and shamanic journeying. We have prepared altars in this room with murtis (statues) of god/goddesses and pictures of our spiritual guides. We light candles in this room when we use it for our spiritual practices for a soft light as well as to pay respects to the Spirits and Enlightened Beings. The vibration in this room and in our bedroom is very high - fresh cut flowers last for weeks in our sacred space.

We hope that by sharing our favorite spiritual practices that you will be inspired by example to add a few or more practices into your day. Most of them only take a few minutes of your time and are well worth it in regards to raising your vibration and being on the path to ascension. We'd love to hear about your favorite spiritual practices!

Your Favorite Spiritual Practices for Raising your Vibration? Write about it here!

What are your favorite Spiritual Practices to Raise your Vibration? List your tips and techniques here and explain why they are your favorites.

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