What are the Benefits of
Raising your Vibration?

As we consciously continue to raise our vibration, we have experienced the following benefits:

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Raising your vibration expands your conscious awareness and raises your energy - your vibrational-spiritual energy and your physical energy.

Raising your vibration helps you clear the old patterns that weigh you down. As you clear these old limiting patterns, you open your heart and feel unconditional love. When your heart is open, you live life more fully connected to your Higher Self and the Universe.

As you become more fully consciously connected to the Universe, you are more in tune with and can feel the energies of the Earth as the Earth raises her vibration.

As you raise your vibration - on the physical level, you become healthier. You actually become energetically lighter - you are a less dense being.

You more easily connect with and have easier communication with your own spirit guides and your own inner guidance, without having to rely on the guidance or information from other people. You become aware that you are a self-empowered unlimited being and you have the knowledge that you are responsible for and you create your own life.

Your mind opens. You are able to think for yourself - without following other's dogmas or society's conditioning, without limitations, without fear.

Your heart opens. You have more and more moments of living in unconditional love and compassion for yourself and for others. You cultivate deep self love and self confidence.

As your mind, heart, and physical body become more open, you know what it is like to live in an expanded state of being instead of living in unconscious patterns.

You are on the path to finding your life's purpose - your soul's purpose. Life becomes magical - you are in the flow of the synchronicities of the Universe. Manifestation becomes easier.

The most amazing benefit - Your life is so much fun - you are in the vibration of having fun and living life to its fullest. You love your life. You are in love with yourself and with your life.

You have an ever deepening connection with nature. Loving to be in nature and wanting to be with and communicate with the plants, the trees, the rocks, the animals, the weather, and all of the nature spirit peoples.

You live your life open to all experiences with awareness and ease no matter what the circumstance.

You have the desire to honor your body and your surrounding environment. All becomes sacred to you as you know that you are a Divine Being.

You live more of your life in the present moment - learning to live without mind chatter. Being present more fully and more often becomes a way of living.

You become more aware of your feelings. You live your life from your feelings and your heart center instead of your analytical mind. Getting into your heart and out of your head!

You become a Spiritual Adventurer! Willing to be open and excited about life - in the inner and outer realms of existence. Willing to continuously work on clearing old emotional, mental and physical patterns to continuously raise your vibration and live at new levels of awareness.

Raising your vibration has so many life-changing benefits. However, it is a process. As you continue to vibrate at a higher level, and as you clear old patterns, your stuff (emotional/physical/mental challenges) comes up, and you may (probably will) have emotional/mental/physical ups and downs as feeling clear.

Be gentle and easy with yourself.

The result is not the goal. The process - learning to enjoy life during the process of raising your vibration is the most amazing journey full of awe and wonder, and ups and downs. Know that as you face challenges that need to be cleared, and know that as you are learning life lessons, you become so grateful for having the awareness of this process. You embrace an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude is joy!

Reap the benefits of your life becoming an exciting vibrant journey!

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