The Best Foods That Detox the Body

Here's my list of the best foods that detox the body. Over the collective 25 years of my studying and practicing macrobiotic eating and the raw food diet, I have found these to be the best detox foods.

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The Best Foods That Detox the Body (only use organic if possible!):

  • Air - Pure clean air detoxes the lungs and the cells of the body

  • Apple Cider Vinegar - We use in salad dressings. Only use raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar that has been aged in wood barrels. We use Eden. Normalizes acid/alkaline balance, removes calcium deposits from the joints and blood.

  • Arugula - We use arugula in salads. Spicy taste - very tasty in a salad mixed with another leafy green such as spinach or romaine. The other greens cut the spicy-ness. Tasty on its own too! Cleans the blood, skin, and liver.

  • Burdock root - we use in juices, and cooked kinpira style. We use the dried root in our tea blends. Skin cleanser and one of the best blood purifiers. Can easily be found in the wild - highly mineralized.

  • Cat's Claw (Uno de gato) - We use this herb in our tea blends. By itself, it is very bitter! Cleanses the body and the intestinal tract.

  • Celery - We love celery in green juices, in salads or alone as a snack. Celery is a blood cleanser.

  • Chia seed - We love chia seeds in smoothies and puddings. Bulking fiber to cleanse the intestinal tract.

  • Chlorella - I love chorella nuts! Extremely high in chlorophyll. Removes heavy metals.

  • Chlorophyll-rich foods - Green foods! Alkalizing and healing.

  • Cilantro leaf (coriander) - We add to green juices - strong taste! Removes heavy metals.

  • Cinnamon - We use cinnamon sticks and grind them fresh in the Vitamix for using in hot drinks or oatmeal. Anti-fungal and anti-parasitic.

  • Coconut Oil - Cold-pressed and raw. We rub on our skin, add to smoothies, use in vegetable stir fries, or eat plain when juice feasting. Anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial.

  • Codonopsis root - We use this in our tea blends. Lung cleanser.

  • Cranberries - Sometimes, living in Cape Cod, I eat a few as is! I make raw cran-apple sauce, and add to juices. Anti-bacterial, help with urinary tract infections.

  • Cucumber - I use cucumbers often in juices, eaten plain with dulse sprinkled on top, in salads. One of my favorite foods that detox the body. Cleanses the kidneys, diuretic.

  • Daikon - We use daikon grated in raw salads, in soups, and steamed with other vegetables. Diuretic, aids in digestion of grains and fats.

  • Dandelion leaf - We eat fresh dandelion leaf in salads and in juices. Has a strong flavor - mix with other milder leafy greens. We use dried dandelion leaf in our tea blends. Helps to digest fats, purify and tone skin, and is a diuretic.

  • Dandelion root - We use dried dandelion root in our tea blends. Helps to digest fats and is a diuretic.

  • Figs - fresh - Love to eat fresh figs when they are in season! Plain or in smoothies. Laxative, dissolves mucous.

  • Flax seed - Love to freshly grind and put on salads. Eat freshly ground to avoid rancidity. Make nice raw crackers. Caution not to overdo eating flax seeds since they are high in estrogen. Bulking fiber to cleanse the digestive tract.

  • Fruit - If eating fruit, eat raw and on it's own for best digestion. Fruit does not digest well with other foods. I used to love to eat fruit such as melons for breakfast. Wonderful way to cleanse the digestive tract to start the day. Presently, I am not eating fruit since I am eliminating all sugars to clear my body of yeasts and fungi. (I have sugar imbalance due to eating too much fruit - mostly dates.)

  • Fruit juices - freshly made - If creating fruit juices or smoothies, it is best to eat fruit on its own for best digestion. Fruit does not digest well with other foods. Melon juices or smoothies are very delicious and cleansing to the digestive tract. Life force and enzymes both disappear during pasteurization. Avoid canned and bottled fruit juices for your best health and vibration!

  • Garlic - Garlic is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitical, and anti-microbial.

  • Ginger Root - We love fresh ginger root in green juices, teas, and in vegetable stir fries. Detoxes digestive tract and so much more!

  • Grapefruit - Mucous dissolver, skin cleanser, and anti-inflamatory.

  • Green leafy vegetables - We eat leafy greens such as kale, bok choy, collards, watercress, romaine, spinach, etc as much as possible. One of the best foods that detox the body and so much more! In juices, in salads, and steamed. Leafy greens are loaded with chlorophyll - a blood builder and cleanser. Cleanse intestinal tract and so much more!.

  • Lemons - I love to drink fresh lemon juice, MSM, and spring water first thing in the morning to hydrate and cleanse my digestive tract.

  • Milk thistle - We use the whole seeds ground in the Vitamix to make a seed mylk out of our herbal tea blends. Cleanses the liver.

  • Nettle leaf - We use the dried leaf in our tea blends. Diuretic and anti-inflamatory, fat burner, mucous dissolver, blood purifier.

  • Onion - Cleanses liver and skin, anti-allergenic, detoxifier, cleanser of external wounds.

  • Papaya - We love to eat ripe papaya for breakfast with freshly squeezed lime. Cleanses digestive tract. The enzymes in half-ripe papayas cleanse the skin.

  • Parsley leaf - We use parsley in fresh green juices and salads. High in chlorophyll, detoxifier.

  • Pau D'arco - We use this nice tasting bark in our tea blends. Anti-fungal.

  • Psyllium seed - Bulk for clearing the digestive tract. Drink a lot of water!

  • Radishes - We slice thin and add to salads. Mucous dissolver, diuretic.

  • Sea vegetables - I have loved sea vegetables for years - nori, arame, dulse flakes and hijiki are some of my favorite foods that detox the body. I sprinkle dulse flakes on veggies and powdered kelp in green juices. Nori gets sprinkled on salads or wrapped around veggies or brown rice. Arame is tasty in a salad. We slow-cook arame and hijiki kinpira-style. Sea vegetables dissolve excess fat and mucous, eliminate radiation affects, and are alklizing - removing acidity.

  • Spring water from Source - We drink spring water from a local spring. Spring water from a clean pure source is alive - full of life force and consciousness. It cleans the cells of your body and your pineal gland - opening you up to consciousness and raising your vibration. The most important of the foods that detox your body - you are made of 70% water - drink only the best water you can find! Bottled water in plastic has been heated and the plastic leaches into the water. To find a local spring, see If there is not one listed by you, try to find one nearby and add it to the find-a-spring website. Buy water in glass bottles if there is no spring nearby.

  • Sprouts - We love to eat sprouts in salads and in juices. They are easily grown. Look for fresh sprouts from a reliable source in the stores to avoid mold. Sprouts are filled with enzymes - cleansing and full of life force.

  • Sunlight - Expose your skin to sunlight. The sun gives this planet and every being on it life. If you easily burn, expose your untreated skin to sunlight at times of day when the sun is not so strong. I love to walk on the beach in the early morning or late afternoon, absorbing the sun's rays and gifts. Sunlight is anti-fungal and gives you life-force energy! Make friends with the sun - the sun is a healer!

  • Turmuric - I sprinkle powdered turmeric in green juices. Anti-inflamatory, blood purifier.

  • Vegetables - raw - We love to eat all types of raw vegetables as snacks, in salads, in juices. Juicy raw vegetables cleanse the body, provide nutrients, enzymes and life force. Eat more life force to become more vibrant and full of life!

  • Vegetable Juices - freshly made - I love green vegetable juices the most. One of the best foods that detox the body. They cleanse and heal the entire body and supply the body with chlorophyll at the same time. I use a green vegetable base of celery, cucumbers and greens, and add other vegetables for flavor and nutrients. I love using low glycemic foods for my own personal optimal health. Caution against making and drinking too much carrot or beet juice. These juices cleanse and heal, but do have a lot of natural sugar. They are hybridized plants. Juices freshly made have life force and enzymes intact. Life force and enzymes both disappear during pasteurization. Avoid canned and bottled juices for your best health and vibration!

  • Watercress - I eat spicy watercress in salads or in green juices. Highly alkaline - removes acidity. Skin cleanser.

  • Wheatgrass - The best wheatgrass I ever consumed were the fresh wheatgrass shots at The Tree of Life in Patagonia, AZ. Highly mineralized and grown with love. High in chlorophyll. Heavy metal detoxifier.

  • Yellow dock root - We use this dried in our tea blends. Mild laxative.

  • Zeolites - Natural Cellular Defense - A mineral that removes heavy metals and eliminates toxins. One of the best foods that detox the body.

Why ingest or absorb foods that detox the body?

Over the years, our bodies including our liver, gall bladder, blood, lungs and intestines become clogged with the less cleansing foods, drinks, and impure air that we ingest or absorb. Even taking a shower in chlorinated water poisons the body, especially the liver, with chlorine that comes in through the skin. There are hundreds if not thousands of chemicals that we have been exposed to from air pollution, processed chemicalized foods, drugs and antibiotics, impure water, etc. The intestines become clogged with old food residue, dead bacteria, mucous, yeasts, and fungi. The liver becomes clogged trying to clear out the impurities. The blood becomes full of protits and organisms - and actually the organisms' fecal matter. Aging, in my opinion, is directly related to how toxic your body is - how clogged or full of stuff that accumulates over the years. Eat foods that detox your body to remove the toxins and residue - to clear and cleanse the body for vibrant health.

What do foods that detox the body have to do with Raising your Vibration?

The cleaner and less toxic your body is, the more you are a clear channel for the higher energies. That is, the higher your vibrational frequency. Having a body that is less toxic is lighter physically and spiritually. Your body truly is a temple of love. Love yourself enough to feed your body the highest quality fresh organic food that you can find. Add in more and more foods that detox the body over time.

If you'd like, you can only eat foods that detox the body, such as doing a juice fast, but that depends upon your previous diet. You may have more detox symptoms such as flu-like symptoms, body aches and pains, headaches, tiredness, and/or emotional outbreaks for a while as you eat more foods that detox the body. As you increase your input of higher vibrational foods (raw foods - fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, etc - have high life force energy), the old lower vibrational energies in your body will release in the form of physical detox and/or old emotional issues. These symptoms may be more prevalent the less clean your diet was before you started your detox and the faster you implement more of the foods that detox your body.

Click here to see our Healthy Food List. It will help you take a gentle approach to foods that detox the body, your diet, and cleansing your body, depending upon how you have been eating recently.

One of my experiences after eating more foods that detox the body

The first message that I received from my spirit guides, before I knew I had spirit guides, was purify. It was the first word that came into my head that I knew wasn't me. :) It was channeled from my guides. I was walking on the beach - this was summer of 2008, after I followed my heart, quit my job, and moved to Cape Cod with dreams of becoming a yoga teacher and raw food coach. I had been eating the raw food detox diet off and on for 6 years. For a deeper and more rapid detox, I did a 10-day spiritual green juice fast at The Tree of Life in 2007, and had subsequently done two green juice feasts on my own - one for 3 weeks and one for 4 weeks. See my old blog for details of my second green juice feast. I was also doing a LOT of Svaroopa® yoga and a LOT of meditating on a daily basis, not to mention chanting, repeating mantra, and walking meditation on the beach. All of these practices purify and detoxify your body, mind, emotions, and raise your vibration. As my body became more pure and clear, I released more old mental-emotional patterns and physical aches. I naturally and easily connected to the higher realms and my spirit guides.

The best techniques for adding foods that detox the body are the raw food detox diet and juice feasting or juice fasting. Colon cleansing with enemas and especially with colonic irrigation is also highly recommended when detoxing your body and adding in more foods that detox the body.

When considering foods that detox the body, it may be more important to consider what not to eat. If you are detoxing the body and eliminating old stuff, it is best not to add in more substances that will make the body more toxic. Click here for Substances to Avoid Putting in Your Body on our Definition of Food page.

For tips and techniques on How to Detox your Body click here.

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