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Raise your Vibration

What does Raise your Vibration mean and what are the benefits?

Why consciously increase your vibration NOW, in these quickly changing times?

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Learn how to raise your vibration including:

  • Deeply loving your Self
  • Getting back to nature
  • Your best health on all levels of Be-ing
  • Conscious living
  • Yoga for healing your life and living in an expanded state
  • Shamanism
  • How to connect with your Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters
  • Our adventures at Sacred Sites
  • Fun magical living

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Our background and passions

We live in higher states of awareness and higher vibration with each passing day. Our passions for yoga, shamanism, meditation, living consciously, better health, and working on ourselves to clear emotional-mental patterns have opened us up to live in an expanded state of Be-ing.

We wish to continuously share our experiences of raising our vibration with you as we expand our awareness and live life as spiritual adventurers! Exploring the inner and outer realms of the Universe. Continuously learning how to live the best moments ever in fun, love, and with ever opening hearts.

Come play with us as we play in consciousness!

dawn and john

Love, Blessings, and Namaste,

Dawn and John

Table of Contents

Raise Your Vibration Blog
The Raise Your Vibration Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the website. New content is added often to this site! Subscribe here.
About Dawn and John
About Dawn and John. Brief bios and how they met!
How to Contact Us
Contact Us!
The Benefits of Raising your Vibration
Why raise your vibration? The benefits based upon our experience.
The Meaning of Raise your Vibration
Our interpretation of the meaning of Raise your Vibration
The Time is Now
The time is now to raise your vibration. Message from Isis channeled by Dawn.
Spiritual Practices and Tips for Raising your Vibration
Quick and easy spiritual practices for raising your vibration including our favorites.
Spirituality Food
Spirituality food for your health including foods to raise your vibration, how to detox your body, and healthy food list.
Yoga Techniques for Raising your Vibration
The practices of Svaroopa yoga, chanting, meditation and other yoga techniques for expanding your awareness.
Self Love
Self love for the spiritual adventurer. How to love yourself. How to release old emotional-mental patterns, open your heart, and more.
Our adventures at Sacred Sites
Our favorite Sacred Sites. Earth vortexes, India temples, and more!

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